About DR Properties

“At DR Properties, our Vision is to be the preferred real estate Agency of choice in connecting our cients to their dream properties in a fun and easy way in South Africa and Beyond.”

Our Story

At DR Properties, our MISSION is to spread the power of the never-ending spirit of becoming by connecting our clients to their real estate dreams in a fun and easy way as possible.

We achieve this by incorporating in all that we do:

  • proven, professional state of the art property management systems and techniques,

Listing and selling of new and resale of high end residential, commercial and investment properties and maintaining staff compliment of smart and knowledgeable property professionals who can continuously strive to provide top quality service to their individual clients and customers

Administrative Support

Millions of South Africans aspire to own a place that they can call home. At DR Properties, our collective efforts are directed towards fulfilling these aspirations and dreams. Embedded in all our actions and activities is a strong focus on staying true to our core values and goals. We understand that in the fast moving economic and technological environment of today, nothing stays constant except change itself.

While the high end of the market will seek out urban living, an active lifestyle and luxury rentals, many others will scramble to locate affordable housing options fit for aging in place. DR Properties is a perfect place for real estate solutions of today for every generational mix to overcome a number of challenges and to capitalize on this huge, ever-changing real estate market. Nothing for us is established – we are evolving.

At DR Properties we understand that real estate investors of today are educated, well informed and believe in choosing the right real estate investments and finding solutions customized to their needs to ensure that they achieve their investment objectives successfully. Whether it is urban row houses, transit-oriented apartments or a new type of tract housing, practical and affordable mid-market homes, as well as starter homes and affordable rental units for young adults, real estate investment remain potential goldmines for investors who figure out the right balance of price, tenancy costs, location, and amenities.

And because at DR properties, we are Becoming, not done, our daily mission is to anticipate economic, social and environmental changes to integrate the real estate investment of today into the property of tomorrow. We unravel the various property market cycles and offer the most relevant analyses to respond to your property investment needs. At the end, you enjoy a fully transparent process and generate monthly income, without having to be a landlord. We pride ourselves in finding the perfect tenant fit for your investment. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.


You probably have seen or heard these tired lines in the industry of companies that have reach the ceiling and now have become more of the same in today’s fast-moving tech environment. DR Properties employs its expertise, a highly diversified and scalable investment platform across all facets of real estate finance to seek and generate consistent, risk-adjusted returns for our clients and customers. In its pursuit of this strategy, the company adheres to the following principles.


DR Properties has developed a culture of viewing real estate acquisition from a long-term balance-sheet perspective. The company internally underwrites and asset manages every transaction in its portfolio, which is expensive and time-consuming, but the team believes that this approach explains the deep understanding of the industry.


DR Properties prides itself on the ability to disintermediate traditional big real estate companies by providing onestop, combined real estate buying or selling in a single seamless process for buyers and sellers. The team believes that its focus on small, customized property segment solutions has helped set DR Properties apart from its competitors.

The DR Edge:

  • Given the flat organizational nature of real estate business, we have an edge over our competitors in offering a more personalized service, a one-stop combined real estate buying or selling in a single seamless process for buyers and sellers,
  • In contrary to our competitors we use innovation, deep industry knowledge and adaptation to high-tech economic environment to reach our clients swiftly and responsively, hence we are becoming, not done.




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