The DR BlueRed Auctioneers

The DR BlueRed Auctioneers is a Division of Dipale Rakate Property Management and Asset Disposal Subsidiary of DR Properties Group. Our smart and knowledgeable property practitioners team is registered with the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority and pride itself with deep knowledge in property auctioneering, brokerage, rentals, and valuation of the property thus providing accurate and in-depth knowledge, advice, and service to both buyers and sellers of all types of property. We specialize in commercial, industrial, retail, and residential property disposals on both online and on-site auction and private treaty platforms.
DR BlueRed Auctioneers help you realize value for your asset with expert advice and service through a transparent and simple property disposal process. The BlueRed Auctioneers promote the properties to a wide range of market segments on the Global Apex Auctions Platform thus ensuring its secures top of mind awareness. The Apex Auction Platform creates competition amongst qualified buyers on a Global scale. And Our Smart and knowledgeable Auction Team stands ready to explain how a sale by real estate auction may make sense for you.
Disposing of surplus space/Asset
Working closely with our agency and leasing teams ensures market led pricing when disposing of assets to ensure optimal returns on investment.
Benefiting from our extensive database and access to the latest market activity and lease expiries information, DR Properties is also able to manage the marketing and disposal (including sub-leasing) of surplus premises.


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