The Smart and Knowledgeable way to invest in Commercial Real Estate


When it comes to leasing or sales in commercial property in South Africa and beyond, it pays to have DR Commercial Division on-board.

DR Commercial (DRC), is part of DR Properties Agency, South African’s fastest growing real estate agency network, and now an exceptional player in the commercial sales and leasing arena. Whatever the property and whatever the transaction, DRC delivers the highest level of awareness, trust and confidence that competitors simply cannot match.

DRC, was established in response to the growing demand for commercial real estate leasing and sales service across South Africa’s established and emerging real estate markets.

DRC’s unique smart and knowledgeable ways of assisting clients to invest in commercial real estate is breath of fresh air in South Africa’s concentrated commercial property market space with few ‘established” players. We better understand how to connect today’s smart and knowledgeable property clients with their investment, be it office, retail or industrial spaces. We understand better the long-term value of every transaction, large or small.

Our commercial property practitioners’ work across all alternative commercial sectors, including public sector, commercial farm, business sector, serviced offices, retail, industrial, warehouse, and student accommodation.



There is absolutely no denying that the commercial real estate industry in South Africa and elsewhere in the world is undergoing a fundamental shift due to fast digital era of modern communications technology. In South Africa, technology is already disrupting real estate economics and consumer expectations of the real estate experience, forcing investors and landlords to adapt and consider ways of redesigning their spaces and commercial property investment strategies to be in-sync with the fast-moving environment of the knowledge of today.

DRPM believe that property developers and commercial-property owners/investors need to focus on providing not just space and a great location, but an environment for enduring success. As office design transforms into more mixed workspaces, sustainable smart solutions for the built environment and innovation bleeds into every sector of the economy, thus more and more firms want curated, configured office spaces that boost productivity.

Commercial property developers and investors who focus on market design and efficiency and tailor their products to an ever-evolving workplace trends (flexibility, green design, smart office space), will benefit greatly.


DRPM offers an all-inclusive and seamless commercial property management and brokering service providing for all the management requirements related with commercial, industrial and retail property. Effective stakeholder management and reporting is a core business competence and competitive edge, supported by our continuous improvement and client-centric culture. DRPM’s commercial, industrial, office and retail property management services are based upon a comprehensive analysis of the detailed requirements of the landlord as well as the intrinsic specifications of each commercial transaction.


Key service offering

We offer the following managed properties services:

  • Attracting and retaining the best tenants and negotiating lease terms that will secure maximum occupancy
  • Build access control and parking services
  • Re-negotiation of leases: highly responsive to market changes, we act early to minimize future risks and establish a long-term leasing strategy that actively supports your long-term investment goals
  • Attending to maintenance and repair issues once the property is let, using our network of experienced and professional contractors
  • Maintaining records and accounting for all rental payments and disbursements, including payments for repairs and maintenance, and accounting to the landlord in respect of these on a monthly basis
  • Following up on unpaid rentals
  • Transforming traditional space into innovative working spaces for flexible and creative workplaces
  • Inspection of premises periodically, and monitoring tenant payment for all services for which they are liable, including water, municipal rates and electricity.


DRPM is delighted to assist our clients with creating beautiful spaces that works for your culture, employees, and business stakeholder. Under our in-house Facility and property maintenance Division, Les Décor House (for more click on www.lesdecorhouse.co.za), we provide the folowing facilitaty management and property maintenance

Facility Management and Maintenance

Facility Management and Maintenance

Due to the fourth industrial revolution, change is a given in the dynamic business arena, and property management professionals must help clients adapt to change. Thus, the DR Property management practitioner needs to be knowledgeable of the customer’s business needs, competition, and values.

Building Refurbishments/Renovations

Building Refurbishments/Renovations

  • General building alterations both internal and external
  • Plastering/cladding/wall papering/cladding
  • Tilling and Paving
  • Workspace designing and Partitioning
  • Aluminium shop fronts and Glazing

Decor/Softer Services

Decor/Softer Services

  • Supply and fit of all blinds
  • Painting and wallpapering

Flooring Division

Flooring Division

  • Stripping of existing floor coverings and floor screeding
  • Ceramic and porcelain tiles
  • Install of vinyl and laminated flooring
  • Installation of carpets (all types)
  • Epoxy floors (concrete mix)

Electrical and Plumbing

Electrical and Plumbing

  • Installation of all types of sanitary fittings, new geysers, lighting and electrical fittings/repairs and various valves
  • Piping, wiring, distribution boards, gutters, waterproofing and drainage
  • Plumbing blockages and leak detection

General Building Maintenance

General Building Maintenance

  • Cleaning and floor cares
  • CCTV/parking/access control
  • Roof and gutters repairs
  • General handy man duties

What is the procedure For maintenance?

DRPM in-house maintenance division, Les Décor House, has a list of approved service providers that ranges from electricians, plumbers, painters, lock smiths, carpet cleaners and general cleaning services and garden services. Our maintenance department follows up on issues reported by tenants, assess the situation, obtain three quotations from our list of service providers, forward the information to the property owner’s for approval, the work is done satisfactorily before full payment to the service provider.

Les Décor House also has service providers that deal with emergencies and after hours emergency service. When emergencies arise the normal approval process will not be followed, the property owner will be notified of the matter while the emergency is in the process of been resolved or already been resolved. The charge for maintenance is 10% of the invoice fees.


At DRC, ‘We Serve people like Us, People like Us are Smart and Knowledgeable’ is a statement that unites everyone in our business behind a common purpose. It is a commitment to our smart and knowledgeable customers that we will work solidly for them, continuously striving to deliver the best advice in the market.

Throughout the DR Properties Agency, and across all our core services of residential, commercial. Leasing/rental and property management, we all share the following values, which guide us in delivering our services: Responsive, Affirmation, Knowledgeable, Adaptable, Trustworthiness, and Evolving. In today’s world, clients want to be reassured more than ever of a company’s ethical standards and the non-negotiable values that guide its decisions.


DRC has developed a culture of viewing real estate acquisition from a long-term balance-sheet perspective. The company internally underwrites and asset manages every transaction in its portfolio, which is expensive and time-consuming, but the team believes that this approach explains the deep understanding of the industry.


DRC’s broad wholesale asset origination, acquisition and servicing model provides the company with the flexibility and expertise to invest across the real estate capital structure and to take advantage of the ever changing dynamics at different points in the real estate cycle.


DR Properties is highly focused on mitigating risk in its portfolio. The company’s strategy is built on using modest financial leverage in seeking to achieve its target returns, and its floating rate business model provides protection from higher interest rates.

The DR Edge:

  • Given the flat organizational nature of real estate business, we have an edge over our competitors in offering a more personalized service, a one-stop combined real estate buying or selling in a single seamless process for buyers and sellers,
  • DRC’s smart and knowledgeable Property Practitioners have access to the industry’s top training system, corporate support services and a powerful referral network, and
  • In contrary to our competitors we use innovation, deep industry knowledge and adaptation to high-tech economic environment to reach our clients swiftly and responsively, hence we are becoming, not done.

DRC is here to create beautiful spaces in South Africa and beyond where our clients can achieve their real estate dreams in real time.

The Smart and Knowledgeable way to invest in Commercial Real Estate.


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